Diane is known for writing screenplays with subject matters that most shy away from. 

Set against the backdrop of science fiction, Diane pits her unlikely heroes against the world - regardless of the cost and challenges - to do things they never could have imagined; taking on injustice, shady governments or the end of the world.



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One by One
Feature | 2013

A cafe worker is violently jolted from her day-to-day existence when offered the startling revelation that this world may be on the brink of destruction, revolution, or both.
Starring; Heather Wilson, Sean Meyer, Katrina Nare, Steve Macaulay, Duncan Wigman and Rik Mayall.

Emergency Stop
Short | 2016

When a woman in her car and a barely dressed girl meet on abandoned country road their survival is in each others hands.


Audience Choice Award

Clones Film Festival 2016


Belfast Film Festival 2017

Final Girls Belfast Film Festival 2017

Fake Flesh Film Fest 2017

Horror Hullabaloo Film Fest 2017

The Gifted
Web Series | 2015

An Interactive Web-series Set in Portadown. ’The Gifted’ was aimed at young people to encourage them to have safe conversations about the regeneration of The People’s Park in a digital way. This project has been primarily funded by the Community Relations Council and enhanced by Investing In Our Future, Peace III and the Curbs Programme.

Produced by BNL Productions


Belfast Film Festival 2015

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Short | 2018

All the water in the world has become undrinkable. Not knowing how long this drought will last a woman sets out to buy water to save her friend life.

Navan to Belfast
Short | 2018

After a heavy night out a woman wakes up next to handsome man only to discover she is miles away from home.

Short | 2017

Home is a short film inspired by the tale of The Lady of Gollerus.



Director's Showreel




Short | 2019

While waiting to meet an acquaintance in strange surroundings two girls score more than they bargain for.


Black Sunday Film Festival 2019

Twisted Tales Festival 2019

Dead All Day Horror Film Festival 2019

Dark Hedges Horror Festival 2020 (Finalists)

Spookscreen Cork 2020

Short | 2017

On a journey of recovery, two sisters must decide their own fate.

An Irish Story
Short | 2016

Two Norse brothers try to escape 9th Century Ireland but are haunted and hunted by the acts they have committed; a blood sacrifice must be paid no matter how long it takes.

Duration: 33 mins

Languages: Old Norse, Irish/Gaeilge, English